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Research routinely shows that both private and public sector organizations are losing as much as five to seven per cent of their bottom line each year to ethics and compliance problems.

However, research also shows that truly effective ethics training can reduce those losses by as much as 50 per cent. So, effective ethics training isn’t simply a feel-good exercise, there are real and significant dollars to be saved by doing it right.

Business owners, C-level executives, managers, HR practitioners, and anyone in a supervisory role needs to know how to create and sustain effective training for whomever they are responsible; there’s simply too much to lose by not learning these skills.

Watch as Christopher Bauer, PhD, CSP, CFS discusses the essential components of creating effective ethics training. Dr. Bauer is an expert on workplace ethics and speaks regularly to audiences from around the world on how to develop cultures of ethics, compliance, and accountability.

  • The five essential components of highly effective ethics training
  • Who most needs ethics training in organizations and why, unfortunately, they are almost always overlooked
  • The strategic and business case for creating and maintaining highly effective ethics training for all employees
  • How one simple tool can become an easily used and highly effective cornerstone for simultaneously driving training on ethics, compliance, and accountability


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Chris Bauer:

Webinar Presenter

Christopher Bauer
Christopher Bauer

Ethics Expert

Christopher Bauer is a clinical psychologist by training with over twenty-five years of experience as a speaker, trainer, author, and consultant on professional ethics and values-driven business strategies. He has worked with front-line workers to senior executives and everyone in-between.

Dr Bauer’s articles on how to build and maintain great professional ethics have appeared in CEO Refresher, CFO Magazine, Financial Executive, Internal Auditor, and many other publications. The latest edition of his book, "Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming” has been a business ethics Top Seller on and he publishes a free “Weekly Ethics Thought” seen by thousands of readers worldwide. Dr. Bauer has been recognized with the both Certified Fraud Specialist designation by the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists and the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speakers Association.

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