Advanced Resources and Tools for Online Investigations

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Almost every investigation today involves some level of online research.

Because most people have at least some personal information online, the internet can be a rich source of valuable intelligence for investigators, law enforcement, compliance officers, attorneys and forensic specialists. The ability to find and use this information effectively is a valuable skill for anyone who conducts investigations.

Sandra Stibbards, owner and president of Camelot Investigations and a financial fraud investigator, speaker and trainer, discusses advanced resources and tools for online investigations.

  • Online sources for public records, business data and other information
  • Mining social media and blogs for useful intelligence
  • Specialized techniques and tools, such as reverse image-searching and accessing archived information
  • Counterintelligence techniques used by criminals
Webinar Presenter

Sandra Stibbards
Sandra Stibbards

President of Camelot Investigations

Sandra Stibbards, owner and president of Camelot Investigations since its inception in 1996, is regarded as a leading online investigations expert whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and international corporations over five continents. She specializes in financial fraud investigations, competitive intelligence, counterintelligence, vulnerability assessments, IP/counterfeiting investigations, internet threat investigations and pre-investment and due diligence investigations.

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