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Creating an Effective Investigation Strategy

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The foundation of every successful investigation is a carefully constructed strategy, a step many investigators skim over in the rush to get into the investigation, creating extra work for themselves and jeopardizing the outcome. By planning an investigation thoroughly before beginning to collect evidence and interview subjects, an investigator reduces mistakes and is able to anticipate and clear hurdles.

Improve your investigation planning processes by watching Allison West, Esq., SPHR, investigator, trainer and founder of Employment Practices Specialists, as she outlines the elements of an effective investigation strategy.

Webinar length: 1 hour

During the webinar, Allison will discuss:
  • Determining the scope of the investigation
  • Who will be the “client” for purposes of reporting
  • Legal issues
  • Attorney client privileged advice and communications
  • Choosing an investigator
  • Investigation logistics
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Interim measures
  • Selecting witnesses
  • Gathering “relevant” evidence
Webinar Presenter

Dawn Lomer
Dawn Lomer

Manager of Communications

Dawn Lomer is the Manager of Communications at i-Sight Software and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). She writes about topics related to workplace investigations, ethics and compliance, data security and e-discovery, and hosts i-Sight webinars.

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