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The investigation interview is often the most valuable part of an internal investigation. Revelations by witnesses, suspects and others paint a picture of the event or incident being investigated and provide a basis of facts for the investigator to explore further.

A successful interview requires strategic planning, well-thought-out questions and an objective interviewer. Yet, many investigators fail to gather the information they need in this phase due to inadequate training in the techniques necessary to get subjects to talk. In short, they lack a full understanding of effective elicitation techniques.


Join expert investigator, author and trainer, Van Ritch, as he outlines effective elicitation techniques that will help you get interview subjects to tell you what you need to know.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • What investigative elicitation is
  • Different approaches used to elicit information
  • How to develop and use rapport to elicit information
  • How to formulate effective elicitation approaches
  • When to probe further on a subject


If you have any questions or comments regarding the webinar, please contact:

Dawn Lomer at i-Sight: webinars @ i-sight . com
Van Ritch:

Webinar Presenter

Van Ritch
Van Ritch

Author, Speaker and Trainer

Van Ritch is a retired Counterintelligence Officer. He has been an investigator, author and trainer who currently trains investigators in elicitation and body language interviewing. He has written books on conducting background investigations and rural surveillance techniques. Van is currently engaged in training law enforcement investigators on techniques that help to increase ways to gain additional information during interviews.

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