Webinar – Fight Fraud with Employee Fraud Training

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Join Peter Goldmann, President of FraudAware LLC, on June 9th at 2pm EST as he outlines a strategy for ensuring everyone in your organization has the knowledge and tools to detect, report and prevent fraud.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why you should train your employees to recognize signs of suspected or actual fraud
  • Who in your work force should be trained
  • How to train them (classroom, e-learning, e-mail notifications, etc.)
  • How to set up and manage a fraud hotline/tip-line
  • What content to cover in employee fraud training
  • Who should do the training


If you have any questions or comments regarding the webinar, please contact:

Dawn Lomer at i-Sight: dlomer@i-sight.com

Webinar Presenter

Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE
Peter Goldmann, MSc., CFE

President of FraudAware LLC

Peter Goldmann is President of FraudAware LLC, a fraud and cyber-crime awareness training provider for employees and managers at all levels. He is the publisher of White-Collar Crime Fighter, a widely read bi-monthly newsletter and the author of Fraud in the Markets: Why it Happens and How to Fight It. He has also written four books and two workbooks on fraud and cyber-risk and control.

Peter has conducted numerous on-site fraud and cyber-crime detection and prevention workshops for internal auditors, attorneys, HR executives and compliance officers at Fortune 500 companies. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). He has been a columnist for the ACFE’s newsletter and is a frequent contributor to other leading industry publications. He has appeared on Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal This Morning, The New York Times and Internal Auditor magazine.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s from the London School of Economics.

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