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What Investigators Must Know About Case Management Software

Investigators need smart case management solutions to help them stay on top of their game. In a lot of workplaces, HR, compliance and/or investigators need to tackle more investigations than ever before.

Posted by Joe Gerard on February 16th, 2011

Investigators need smart case management solutions to help them stay on top of their game. In a lot of workplaces, HR, compliance and/or investigators need to tackle more investigations than ever before. With the rise in allegations comes an increase in responsibilities and information that needs to be managed. Investigations need to be done right the first time around to avoid a flood of additional allegations, complaints and lawsuits. When investigators conduct smarter investigations, it saves the organization money and reduces liability and risk.

Case management solutions help investigators make better decisions, standardize the investigation process and improve overall investigator efficiency – what more could you ask for? Case management software streamlines process, stores case information in one location and uses a series of alerts to improve investigator efficiency.

Case Management Flexibility

The information that investigators need to collect varies by allegation type. For example, information gathered to complete a harassment investigation is much different from the information needed during a workplace safety investigation. With case management software, these differences are taken into consideration and reflected in the intake form and the case file.

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We recognize that there are standard activities that need to be completed during each investigation in order to make sure compliance is upheld. We address these issues by working with you to map your processes and create mandatory fields or tasks that must be completed by investigators in order for the case to be considered “closed”. Case management software has the capabilities to combine both structured and unstructured activities to meet the various needs of investigators, management and industry and federal regulators.

We also pass on the power to our users. Why should you have to go through us to make minor changes such as adding or deleting users? Exactly, you shouldn’t – so we let you do it. Obviously more complex changes will be handled by our team, but for smaller things like access roles and task assignment, we let you be the boss.

Pain-Free Reporting

Reporting on investigations can be time consuming, and quite frankly, a pain. But these reports are necessary and they also need to be made available upon request. Case management software simplifies report writing, allowing reports to be available for export/email within minutes. Dashboard reporting, which is used to identify trends and other analytics, provides managers and others with the ability to subscribe to monthly, quarterly or annual reports as they wish. This capability makes it possible for everyone to stay informed and up-to-date regarding investigations and allegations. Basically, case management software prepares you to handle report requests from anyone at any time.

Better Decisions

When you have more information about the types of allegations and investigations taking place in your organization, you can make improvements and better decisions for your organization. Investigators and management need to see this information displayed in an easy-to-understand format – sorry Excel. Graphs, charts or maps, tend to be the visual representations of choice. It’s important to understand the information pulled from allegations and investigations, as it identifies real problems within your organization. Understanding where activities happen the most or what incidents are on the rise gives you the information you need to make better decisions when it comes to employee training, policy development and much more.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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Spend my days showing off the i-Sight investigative case management software and finding ways to help clients improve their investigations. Usually working with corporate security, HR & employee relations, compliance and legal teams.

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