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What is Employee Relations Software?

Employee relations software helps HR teams improve operations, spot trends and manage risk.

Posted by Ann Snook on May 22nd, 2020

Human resources investigations must be timely, effective and well-documented to protect both employees and the company. Employee relations software is a powerful tool that ensures teams meet these expectations for a safer workplace.


What is Employee Relations Software?


Employee relations software, also referred to as human resources investigation or simply case management software, is a digital tool that helps teams investigate:

  • Harassment, sexual harassment and bullying
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Absenteeism and punctuality issues
  • Discrimination
  • Policy violations
  • Fraud and theft
  • Employee misconduct
  • Compliance lapses


Employee relations software helps teams capture tips and complaints and report on the results to prevent future incidents. Using one centralized, secure platform, investigators can:

  • Create cases instantly by integrating your intake mechanisms
  • Assign investigations and tasks automatically based on preset criteria or manually by a manager
  • Search for open and closed investigations by location, subject and incident type
  • View a timeline of actions taken on a case, including time, date and team member
  • Collect supporting documents and audiovisual evidence
  • Use built-in form templates to ensure accurate and compliant reporting


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Employee Relations Software Key Features


Employee relations software helps HR teams conduct better investigations and resolve workplace incidents quickly using these five key features.


Integrates with HR Databases


When using spreadsheets or paper-based systems, employees have to type or copy over employee information when creating a new case. This time could be better spent on investigative tasks that reduce risk for victims and the company.

Employee relations software integrates with HRIS and intake mechanisms to streamline complaint intake. For example, when an employee enters their name on your complaint hotline webform, the software automatically fills in other relevant personal information and creates a new case file instantly.


Creates In-Depth Reports


Writing final investigation reports is one of the most tedious parts of an investigator’s job. Employee relations software saves time by streamlining reporting. The software compiles all case details into a comprehensive report that investigators can share with managers, regulatory bodies and legal professionals in seconds.

It also helps HR teams conduct in-depth analysis into company trends. Using graphs, maps and charts, investigators can identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. This feature helps focus preventive efforts, such as policy changes, new security measures and training updates. Investigators can sort cases by:

  • Case age
  • Incident type, location, involved employees or other criteria they set
  • Case progression status (e.g. settled, in arbitration, appealed)
  • Amount paid to settle grievances
  • Case settled by company vs. closed by employee union


Promotes Secure Collaboration


Investigating HR issues is rarely a one-person or one-department job. Often, investigators need to collaborate with members of other teams or union representatives.

Employee relations software promotes easy collaboration by allowing team members to work on the case right in the file (such as uploading supporting documents and evidence). At the same time, managers can restrict each person’s access to cases and fields within case files based on their role to ensure confidentiality.


Keeps Investigations on Track


There are so many steps to a workplace investigation and often, investigators have more than one on the go. With paper-based and spreadsheet systems, team members are responsible for keeping track of their own tasks, which can lead to missed deadlines and cases falling through the cracks.

Employee relations software, on the other hand, alerts investigators when they have an upcoming deadline and allows them to set their own to-do’s to keep them on track. Each case file also contains a detailed timeline of case activity. Because it details who did what on a case and when, this audit trail proves teams took proper investigative steps should their methods be questioned in a lawsuit.


Can Be Used Anywhere


Remote work has become more common than ever. In addition, investigators often have to travel for interviews and evidence collection. If they have to wait to log notes until they get back to the office, they risk losing important details.

Web-based, mobile-friendly employee relations software lets team members work from anywhere with an internet connection. Investigators can update cases right away, which is especially important for urgent matters such as harassment or safety issues. In addition, investigators don’t have to choose between putting important investigations on hold or protecting their health.


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Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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