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When Two Worlds Collide

In the video, “Security, Privacy and the Generation Gap,” from the 2010 RSA Conference Europe, Bruce Schneier addresses the collision between work and personal lives in the social media environment

Posted by Joe Gerard on November 3rd, 2010

Earlier today I blogged about developing a corporate social media policyJohn James, a co-worker of mine, sent me this video, which sparked the topic. In the video, “Security, Privacy and the Generation Gap,” from the 2010 RSA Conference Europe, Bruce Schneier addresses the collision between work and personal lives in the social media environment.

Discussion From the Video

In the video, they discuss that when you “friend” colleagues, there’s the risk they may treat you differently because of information they come across on your social media pages. They also raise the point that in some organizations, HR uses social media for hiring decisions- looking for information about people they might hire. However, as explained in the video, this means that the data is being used out of context. The consequences: people don’t get hired, get fired or can be judged unfairly. People have been fired for content they have written on their personal blogs. As for privacy controls, legislation usually isn’t passed until a major event sparks the need for it.

Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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