Workplace Bullying Can't Be Ignored

According to the Canada Safety Council, 1 in 6 employees in Canada have been victims of bullying.

Posted by Joe Gerard in Article on December 19th, 2011
Employers need to make sure that workplace bullying isn’t ignored. An article by Marlene Habib for The Globe and Mail reports on the effects of workplace bullying:

Bullying can contribute to high stress levels, absenteeism and loss of productivity, experts say. In fact, under Ontario law, serious incidents of violence or harassment could result in criminal charges, Mr. Jordan notes on his website,

In Canada, one in six employees has been bullied, according to the Ottawa-based Canada Safety Council, and employers are beginning to take steps to make bullying as unthinkable as sexual harassment or drunkenness. In addition, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan have made workplace bullying illegal.

But Ana Nair, a long-term employee in Richmond Hill, Ont., and founder of the Anti Bully Support Group for employees, says that despite such laws, many companies will not admit that bullying exists.

Click on the link below to check out some helpful anti-bullying tips for companies and managers.

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