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Workplace Bullying: Make It Stop

Bullying is everyone’s problem. It’s a cancer than can destroy a good corporate culture.

Posted by Joe Gerard on October 19th, 2011
Bullying isn’t just an issue that kids and teens face in the schoolyard. Bullying exists in the workplace too. An article by Todd Humber for the Canadian HR Reporter talks about Bill 168 and the light it shines on workplace bullying:

But bullying is far more than a schoolyard problem. The workplace bullying stories aren’t as prevalent in the media, but they’re just as real.

We all know the toll bullying takes on the bottom line. It hurts productivity, absenteeism, morale and engagement. It’s a cancer than can destroy a good corporate culture.

It needs to be stamped out at every level of society. It’s not easy, but that’s no excuse for not trying. Legislation, like Bill 168, is onerous and puts a significant responsibility on employers. But the more moves we take to stamp it out, the more likely it will trickle throughout society to teach everyone bullying isn’t acceptable behaviour.

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Joe Gerard
Joe Gerard

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