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i-Sight saves time, boosts efficiency and reduces the risk of fines and lawsuits.

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Return on Investment

Companies using i-Sight recoup their investment quickly through:

  • Cost avoidance – less money spent on IT staffing, administrative personnel
  • Increased productivity – fewer people can do more in less time
  • User adoption – investigators like using i-Sight so you’ll reap its full value
  • Asset reallocation – extra staff can be reassigned to other areas where they’re needed
  • Lower fines – proof of a timely, fair and complete investigation means lower fines and a strong defense
  • Lower litigation costs – solid documentation of investigations lowers – and sometimes eliminates – the cost of litigation
  • Fewer incidents – access to reports that help you analyze areas of risk and take preventive action

From SMB to Enterprise


Pricing varies by the complexity of the solution and the number of users. A large organization, conducting complex investigations on a global scale, may pay more for the configuration fee than a medium organization with less complex investigations and fewer configured functions and fields. Licensing fees are consistent across organizations, industries and solution types.

For large, global teams, i-Sight offers an all-in-one solution that is both powerful and competitively priced. Large organizations typically see ROI in under eight months.

SMBs can see a full ROI within seven months of implementing i-Sight Pro, making it one of the most cost-effective case management solutions for smaller enterprises. And i-Sight Pro still offers the same robust reporting and streamlined processes used by larger organizations.


The average i-Sight customer reduces investigation costs by up to 30 per cent by managing investigations more efficiently and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

Avoid Penalties and Fines

Avoid penalties and fines for compliance breakdowns. Detailed case files prove that a company has a proactive compliance program, backed by documented, timely investigations.


Reduce your liability in employment litigation and get the business intelligence you need for effective risk assessment and incident prevention programs.

BrickStreet Insurance

Case Study

In the first 14 months after implementation at BrickStreet Insurance, the SIU was able to demonstrate that the company had saved more than $3 million by stopping potentially fraudulent claims.

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i-Sight vs. Home-Grown Systems

Software for managing investigations can be complicated. In-house IT teams generally underestimate the costs to get you to the finish line.

Cost of i-Sight

Cost of Home-Grown

Time spent researching companies, vetting proposals and attending demonstrations. Building a system from the ground up requires conceptualizing and designing from scratch, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
A one-time setup fee, which is lower than staffing costs to build a home-grown system from scratch. Cost and maintenance of servers in-house is often more expensive than hosting.
Storage on secure i-Sight servers is included in solution cost. Arrangements must be made for physical storage and security of servers.
A few hours of IT staff input to ensure compliance with your company’s security and process requirements. Information privacy compliance mechanisms must be researched and incorporated.
Secure back-up of all investigation data is included in the solution cost. You’ll have to purchase and maintain secure information backup systems and hardware.
A couple of weeks of staff time for implementation, spread over the course of two months. IT staff must be dedicated for the entire building phase, taking them away from other tasks.
On-site or remote training to ensure your team is comfortable using i-Sight. Continuity and maintenance can be an issue when the staff who built the system leave.
Annual licensing fees, which include 24/7 support, so that your IT department doesn’t need to be involved. Software upgrades and support require getting into the internal IT services queue, and fighting to keep your priority.
Penetration testing and security measures must be carried out at regular intervals, requiring IT staff time.

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