Protect Your Brand

Investigate intellectual property theft, counterfeiting and trademark violations to protect your company and reputation.

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keep your eye on your IP your reputation is at stake

IP Theft

Protect Your Brand

i-Sight’s powerful case management platform can be used to:

  • Manage patent and trademark policing
  • Conduct counterfeiting investigations
  • Investigate and prevent IP theft
  • Log sighting reports and customs seizures
  • Track online counterfeiting
  • Track recovery amounts
  • Report on global IP theft trends


Collaborate Securely

Collaborate with external investigative agencies and attorneys to manage multi-location investigations across departments, regions and countries.

Easy Report Generation

Quick Investigation Reports

Generate a complete and professional case report with one click using information already in the case file.

Powerful Analysis

Insightful Reporting Function

Get deep insight into brand protection and intellectual property theft trends, risks and opportunities.

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