Protect your company

Manage investigations related to physical security, information security, data breaches, fraud and theft, loss prevention.

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reduce your risk of security incidents, violence and data theft


Manage Threats

Protect Your Company and Employees

Reduce the risk of loss and exposure through efficient and effective corporate security investigations and data reporting. i-Sight makes it easier for companies to manage investigations related to physical security incidents, information security and data breaches and loss prevention.

Risk Management

Asset Protection

Analyze security incidents by region, country, location, department, type, or any other variable, to spot trends and identify vulnerabilities and areas of risk.


Incident Capture

Capture every incident using smart web forms, email-to-case, or integration with existing systems or hotlines. For incidents that involve security breaches, i-Sight ensures you record all the information you need for timely reporting to regulators.

One-Click Reports

Instant Investigation Reports

Create investigation reports instantly using the information in the case files. Evidence can be attached, categorized, exported and incorporated into investigation reports.

Spot Trends

Powerful Reporting

Create comprehensive reports that show security incident trends and help you to identify gaps and areas of higher risk. Automated report distribution ensures that comprehensive security and incident data is available to those who need it.

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