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Stay Organized

Investigators stay organized and on track with i-Sight’s consistent process that ensures steps are never skipped or forgotten.

i-Sight enforces consistency in the investigations process with workflow rules that ensure all the relevant information is captured in the same way, creating a complete, sequential, accurate record of the investigation.

You’ll never have to look for anything, with all investigation information securely stored in the case file. Upload evidence and add notes at any time from anywhere, confident in the knowledge that they are all stored in the case file with the action dated and time stamped in the activity log.

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Less Effort

i-Sight’s organized and efficient process reduces the effort required to complete investigative tasks, saving investigators time and eliminating hours of administrative work. Save travel time and costs by updating cases, attaching evidence and collaborating with others from anywhere with an internet connection.

i-Sight Fact

2 of the 5 largest companies in the world use i-Sight to manage their investigations

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Create Efficiencies

Instant Investigation Reports

With one click, investigators can create a complete investigation report. i-Sight instantly pulls the information from the case file into a formatted, professional Microsoft Word document. No more cutting and pasting text from multiple files, editing, formatting and hoping the information is all there.

Effortless Summary Reporting

i-Sight’s powerful drag-and-drop summary report builder saves hours of time time normally spent aggregating information from various sources. You can create beautiful reports in 77 map, graph and chart formats, by dragging and dropping the fields you want to include into a template. Impress your executive team with very little effort.

Collaborative Framework

i-Sight’s web-based platform allows for a collaborative approach to investigations, with everything stored in one place and anywhere-anytime access for stakeholders. With secure, role-defined access and anytime availability, cases can be updated and viewed from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring that everyone involved in the case can work together to ensure efficient and timely case resolution.

“With i-Sight, our investigations proceed more efficiently, our clients get better information and our senior management is better informed”


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