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Education Sector

i-Sight’s case management solutions for the education sector combine an understanding of the industry with powerful software. Investigate staff and student misconduct, health and safety issues, security incidents, harassment and discrimination allegations and faculty and student complaints.

Title IX

For those investigations that fall under Title IX, i-Sight provides an effective and compliant solution for responding to complaints of harassment and discrimination.

We understand the compliance and reputation risks the education sector faces when responding to complaints and will deploy a system that protects your brand.

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Secure Collaboration

Investigations involving educational institutions often involve several departments and teams from both inside and outside. With i-Sight, teams can manage multiple cases and collaborate without worrying about information security. Different levels of access can be set for different people so that everyone involved in the investigation can work together without compromising the confidentiality of case information.

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i-Sight users have closed more than 8 million cases

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Education Investigations

Mobile Friendly

Not all aspects of an education sector investigation take place on campus. With i-Sight, cases can be managed from the field, 24-7. Investigations interviews can be completed and added to a case at any time from anywhere. Investigators can update cases, add notes or upload evidence using their mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Quick Investigation Reports

When investigations are complete, you can create consistent and comprehensive investigation reports with a single click. i-Sight gathers all the data from the case file and deposits it into a comprehensive, professional investigation report.

In-Depth Reporting

Administrators love i-Sight’s powerful reporting tool that provides an overview of complaints and investigations by campus, staff member, type or other criteria, allowing better oversight and risk management. Uncover trends and identify areas that need attention. By automating report distribution you can ensure everyone stays informed.

“The reporting functions allow me to constantly monitor what is going on. It’s easy to use and very robust.”

Office of the State Superintendent of Education, District of Columbia

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