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Best Practices

Our expert implementation team understands that the energy industry has unique regulatory requirements and can suggest best practices to structure a solution that provides a consistent approach to all your investigations.

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Remote Access

Investigators working in the energy sector can access and update cases, upload evidence and collaborate with others from anywhere with an internet connection, using a computer, laptop or mobile device. Supervisors have secure, role-defined access to dashboards where they can monitor multiple investigations with ease.

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Energy Sector Investigations

Information Security

When an investigation involves teams or multiple departments, i-Sight ensures information security by enabling you to restrict access to cases all the way down to the field level. While some team members may be able to see all case information, others may see only the sections that they have authorization to see.

System Speed

Working in the energy industry may require system access from remote locations. Our solutions can be configured to work on any type of network while delivering the system speed necessary for effective information transmission.

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