Ensure a standardized approach to investigating ethics and compliance lapses


Investigative Tools to Fight Corruption

Collecting whistleblower reports is a good first step, but ethics investigation software is a critical part of any serious anti-bribery program.

An effective anti-bribery program can mean lower fines, and even non-prosecution agreements, should an FCPA violation be proven.

High-profile corruption cases in recent years have showcased the importance of investigating corruption allegations immediately and self-reporting to mitigate sanctions. i-Sight’s ethics investigations software ensures your company has the right tools to investigate corruption and bribery allegations quickly and thoroughly, before they become full-blown FCPA investigations.

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DOJ-Compliant Investigations

i-Sight’s solution has built-in reminders to ensure ethics and bribery investigations stay on track. Detailed audit trails and reporting features provide a strong case if FCPA violations are uncovered.

All the case information is collected in a centralized case file and every activity in the investigation is recorded with the date and time to ensure a comprehensive record of the investigation and a solid defense should it ever be questioned. With all the investigation information stored in one place, comprehensive investigation reports can be created with a click.

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Ethics & Compliance Investigations

Collaborate without Compromising Confidentiality

i-Sight makes it easy for teams to collaborate on complex investigations. Role-defined levels of access ensure that those involved in ethics investigations can work together without compromising confidentiality or information security.

Multi-Location Investigations

Investigators, attorneys and anyone else involved in a case can manage and monitor investigations from the office computer or from the field using a mobile device. Cases can be updated 24-7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Deep Reporting to Uncover Corruption

i-Sight’s ethics and compliance solution includes exception summary reporting capabilities with customized summary reports that can be displayed in 74 formats to uncover trends and identify areas of risk. Automated report distribution keeps everyone aware of the company’s compliance performance.

Hotline Integration

i-Sight’s ethics and compliance investigation solutions are flexible and configurable and can be integrated with existing reporting systems and third-party hotlines and web-forms, ensuring that every allegation gets the attention it requires.

Capturing Whistleblower Reports

i-Sight makes it easy to capture reports from whistleblowers, no matter what reporting channel they use, and can automatically create a case file for investigating whistleblower allegations.

Investigating Fraud

i-Sight’s fraud investigation software solutions help companies to track, investigate and report on fraud, ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice (DOJ) and other regulatory bodies.

Fraud Investigation Workflow

When a report of fraud is received it can be categorized immediately using priority-based or risk-based queues, making it easy to evaluate the whistleblower report and determine whether it should trigger a full-blown investigation. If an investigation is triggered, i-Sight guides you through workflow rules to prioritize, assign and route cases and tasks to the relevant person.

Managing Cases

i-Sight’s email feature allows you to collaborate easily among investigators working on a case and with internal or outside counsel. You can also record investigation notes, attach evidence, track activities and record the outcome of the investigation with ease. Approvals can be managed automatically within the system.

Automated Reporting

Fraud investigation reports can be generated with one click. Using a custom template i-Sight retrieves the required information from the case file and formats it into a professional, complete investigation report that contains all the necessary elements to satisfy compliance requirements.

“The reporting tools within i-Sight will make it easier for staff to analyze data and detect patterns of fraud that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.”

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