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Tips are the most effective method for detecting fraud and other misconduct. That’s why it’s important for every organization to have an ethics hotline, or whistleblower hotline, to make it easy for employees and others to report misconduct, compliance and ethics issues confidentially, without fear of reprisal. With an i-Sight hotline, callers can reach out at any time, day or night, and receive immediate support from our multilingual hotline staff.

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i-Sight Fact

Organizations with hotlines detect 47% of frauds. Organizations without hotlines detect 28%.

Comply with International Regulations

A well managed ethics hotline helps you uncover problems early, address them quickly and maintain a safe and ethical workplace. Ethics and compliance hotlines also help you comply with anti-corruption legislation, including:

  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Bill 198 (Canada)
  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • The UK Bribery Act
  • The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA)

A hotline is a critical part of your employee relations and safety programs, conforming to requirements of the EEOC, CCOHS and OSHA and helping you to manage:

  • Safety and security issues
  • Harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Code of conduct and compliance breaches
  • Theft
  • Fraud, waste and abuse

Ethics Hotline Data Provides Deep Insight

Leverage your ethics hotline data to keep a close eye on your company’s risks, assess training gaps and spot trends. When your whistleblower hotline is integrated with i-Sight’s investigative case management system your data becomes even more valuable, giving you deep insight into how corruption and misconduct are being managed and how they can be prevented.

Encourage Employees to Report Misconduct

Keep your company’s ethical culture front-and-center. Your employees know you take whistleblowing seriously when you invest time and money to encourage the reporting of ethics violations. While some whistleblowers prefer a personal response, letting employees and the public report anonymously through a third party hotline increases the trust they have in your organization and reduces the anxiety of reporting wrongdoing internally. Our hotlines allow reporters to choose from various levels of anonymity, ranging from completely anonymous to being identified to the company for follow-up.

Ensure Privacy and Confidentiality

Keep your data secure and your data transfer processes compliant. Our ethics hotline and our integrated case management solution meet global privacy, data transfer and reporting requirements. Your confidential information is safe with us.

Implement a Complete, End-to-End Solution

Deploy one complete solution for your internal investigations by integrating our whistleblower hotline services with our industry-leading investigative case management solution. From the initial report through case assignment, investigation management, completion and reporting, i-Sight has you covered. We’ve been providing comprehensive investigative case management solutions since 1998.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an ethics hotline?

Hotlines allow your employees, suppliers, customers and the general public to alert you to potential ethics and compliance issues and concerns so that you can act quickly, investigate thoroughly and resolve issues satisfactorily. They allow you to gather the data you need to measure the health of your organization’s ethics and compliance program and identify and correct ethics issues before they become critical.

How does a hotline work?

Our hotline services are available in 100+ languages to capture reports from any location. Your employees, customers and suppliers can report employee misconduct or other issues anonymously by telephone, external web form or intranet form at any time of the day or night.

Our intake specialists are available 365 days a year to record complaints in any language and ensure reporters feel that their concerns are being addressed. Trained hotline staff have the ability to extract the necessary information from informants, eliminating gaps and inconsistencies. Callers can choose to be anonymous to increase the likelihood that they will come forward with information.

What can I learn from my employee hotline?

Hotline data can be a source of valuable information for organizations to examine their ethics and compliance culture. The number and type of reports and locations provide information about where and what types of training, prevention and corrective action are necessary. Too many reports of a particular type or from one location might indicate a need for training, but not enough reports can be as concerning as too many.

Tips are the most common fraud detection method, comprising 39% of cases.

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