Monitor emerging trends that require corrective action


Reduce Litigation Costs

i-Sight’s summary reports help executives to reduce litigation costs by identifying problems before they get out of hand.

Every investigation has a location element, but is typically reported using tables and charts. i-Sight tells a more complete story using map-based reports – everything from Google Maps overlays, heat maps, bubble maps and customizable drill-through reports where you can click through to view the case details. Mapping reports can also be set in motion to see changing trends animated over time.

Executives can leverage these reports to show areas where incidents or complaints are more common or rising in number. Understand the types of incidents or complaints that are most common and which ones are rising and falling, giving executives the opportunity to take corrective action early to avoid lawsuits. You won’t need to make decisions based on ‘gut feel’ or anecdotes. Instead rely on factual real-time insights to guide decisions on future policy and training needs.

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Why Executives Love i-Sight

i-Sight’s in-depth reports give executives a birds-eye view of the company’s activities and results, allowing them to see trends, reduce litigation and investigation costs, avoid the risk of penalties and fines and identify areas for policy development and training.

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Why Executives Love i-Sight

Reduce Regulatory Sanctions

i-Sight’s reports help executives to identify problem areas early and take corrective action before they come to the attention of the authorities, regulatory agencies or the press. Even where penalties and fines are assessed, i-Sight’s complete investigation documentation and record of all case activity can result in reduced sanctions.

Reduce Investigation Costs

With i-Sight’s streamlined workflow and structured process with alerts and reminders, cases stay on track and close faster, reducing investigation time and cost. Web-based access on any device allows investigators to update cases from the field, saving time and providing instant information to management.

“The reporting tools within i-Sight will make it easier for staff to analyze data and detect patterns of fraud and abuse.”

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