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Manage Multiple Fraud Investigations

i-Sight’s fraud investigation solutions streamline your processes and boost productivity, reducing the time it takes to close cases and saving you money.

i-Sight’s customized fraud investigation software has helped domestic and international companies to manage their investigations more efficiently, while simultaneously improving their detection and prevention programs.

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Fraud Prevention

i-Sight’s powerful reporting tool provides all the information you need to manage fraud risk and implement fraud prevention programs. By studying trends and analyzing investigation data, your company gains an understanding of its vulnerabilities and areas that need improvement.

i-Sight’s fraud case management software adheres to the strictest security requirements, verified through audits. i-Sight is trusted by domestic and international companies to comply with their security requirements.

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5 of the 10 largest insurance companies in the US use i-Sight to manage their investigations

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Effective Fraud Investigations

Case Intake and Assignment

i-Sight integrates with your company’s existing fraud detection systems to funnel alerts, tips and referrals for investigation. Cases are assigned to investigators automatically, based on preset criteria, or manually by an investigation manager or supervisor. The investigator receives an email alert that a new case has been assigned, with a link to the case in i-Sight.

Investigate On-The-Go

i-Sight’s mobile friendly interface ensures investigators can access case files from anywhere with an internet connection, saving travel time and providing real-time status updated to stakeholders.


Investigators can collaborate with other team members using access roles. Each team member has secure access to case information, depending on their role in the case, from wherever they are.

Preventing and Detecting Fraud

i-Sight’s powerful summary reports allow you to analyze fraud investigation data to uncover trends and easily identify opportunities for prevention and detection.

“The reporting tools within i-Sight will make it easier for staff to analyze data and detect patterns of fraud and abuse that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.”

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