Fight fraud and theft

Track and manage fraud investigations and report on results for better risk management and prevention.

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Streamlined Fraud Investigations

Logical Workflow

Conduct better fraud investigations with logical workflow rules that keep investigations on track and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Use i-Sight’s built-in hotline or integrate with web forms or any other intake method to ensure every complaint is captured promptly, investigated thoroughly and results are leveraged for better fraud prevention. Every step is tracked and recorded in the centralized case file for easy collaboration and reporting.

Quick Case Summaries

One-Click Investigation Reports

Create professional case reports with the click of a mouse. There’s no need to gather information from multiple documents and files. All the relevant information already entered in the case file is filtered into a pre-formatted Word document that can be shared automatically or sent by email.

Investigate On-The-Go

Mobile Friendly

i-Sight’s mobile-friendly interface ensures investigators can access case files from anywhere with an internet connection, saving travel time and providing real-time status updates to stakeholders.

Intake and Assignment

Case Creation

Integrate with your company’s existing fraud detection systems to funnel alerts, tips and referrals for investigation. Cases can be assigned to investigators automatically, based on preset criteria, or manually by an investigation manager or supervisor.


Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with other team members in real time. Each team member can be granted access to case information based on their assigned role.

Risk Management and Prevention

Prevent Fraud

Get the information you need to manage fraud risk and implement fraud prevention programs. By studying trends and analyzing investigation data, your company gains an understanding of its vulnerabilities and areas that need improvement.

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