Stay ahead of harassment

Track, record and manage investigations into reports of harassment without compromising confidentiality.

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investigate every complaint analyze trends to reduce your risk


Reporting and Prevention

Powerful Data Analysis

Build powerful reports that show:

  • Harassment types
  • Locations with higher prevalence of complaints
  • Employees involved in complaints
  • Number of cases settled, appealed or in arbitration
  • Amounts paid to settle lawsuits and grievances
  • Aging cases
  • Any other data point

In-Depth Reporting

Analyze and Reduce Risk

Report on harassment cases by location, region, employee, type, etc, to see trends, clusters and areas of risk where attention and training are required.

Investigation Reports in an Instant

One-Click Reports

Generate a comprehensive investigation report in seconds with a single click. i-Sight collects all the information from the fields specified in your case file and renders it into a professional, formatted report.

Resolve Cases Quickly

Stay on Track

Built-in reminders and escalation functions help to ensure your investigation stays on track and is resolved quickly, while the documented review and approval cycle and audit trail show that a comprehensive investigation was conducted, providing a strong legal defense.

Collaboration and Confidentiality

Restrict Access to Information

Collaborate with others without compromising the confidentiality of your harassment investigation. You can configure access to cases so that team members, management, unions and labor relations departments, can work together without seeing restricted information.

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