Conduct better environmental and health & safety investigations


Health & Safety Investigations

i-Sight’s safety incident tracking software helps companies report, track and investigate health and safety incidents in the workplace, including:

  • accidents
  • slip and falls
  • near misses
  • injuries
  • exposure to dangerous substances
  • fatalities
  • other OSHA reportable incidents

Occupational health and safety incidents must be reported and investigated quickly and thoroughly to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. i-Sight helps companies understand trends and implement prevention programs.

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Flawless Incident Capture

i-Sight’s configured solutions incorporate OSHA form templates with guidelines to help you record all the information necessary to report to regulators. i-Sight makes it easy to capture incidents using smart web forms accessible on mobile devices from the office, the plant floor or a remote job site.

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Health & Safety Investigations

Reports for Business Intelligence

A powerful reporting engine allows managers to run comprehensive reports in 74 chart formats, from pie charts to bar graphs and timelines to mapping, highlighting safety incident trends and tracking areas of risk. Geographic mapping capabilities allow you to run incident reports overlaid on Google Maps providing all the geographic incident information you need to identify high risk locations.

Report distribution can be automated so that supervisors receive timely updates and decision-makers can accurately assess problem areas that need corrective action plans.

Using i-Sight to report and investigate health and safety incidents ensures compliance with health and safety regulations and identifies trends so that you can implement effective prevention programs.

Consistent Incident Reports

Safety managers love i-Sight’s one-click reporting feature. Incident reports can be created with one click, pulling all the necessary information automatically from the case file into a professional report that is consistent, complete and compliant.

Secure Yet Simple to Use

Access your incident dashboard securely from any desktop or mobile device. Using i-Sight dashboards you can monitor your team’s performance, report on trends or click through to individual incident reports to add information or make suggestions on how the investigation should proceed.

“i-Sight saves us time and significantly improves our ability to manage and respond to incidents.”

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