Solutions modeled on your company’s processes for conducting healthcare fraud investigations


Healthcare Fraud and Complaints

Investigators in the healthcare industry love our user-friendly case management solutions that help them conduct more efficient, more collaborative investigations in less time.

And i-Sight complies with the unique requirements of healthcare organizations for security, privacy, access control and information backup.

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Healthcare Fraud

i-Sight’s solution for investigating healthcare fraud helps you conduct better claim fraud investigations and provider audits. i-Sight can integrate with your existing fraud detection software, hotlines and other intake mechanisms to ensure every referral is addressed. Recover more money, report on results and track recoveries efficiently

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i-Sight complies with the world’s strictest data privacy laws

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Healthcare Incident Investigations

Incident Investigations

Investigating health and safety incidents is fast and efficient using i-Sight’s easy-to-use mobile-optimized interface.You can log a health and safety incident when and where it occurs, assign the incident for follow-up and track the investigation, all from your mobile device.

Occurrence reports help to identify areas of higher risk, improve patient safety and facilitate reporting to PSOs, state level reporting bodies and insurance companies.

Patient Complaints

Healthcare patient complaints never fall through the cracks with i-Sight. Capture every complaint through your organization’s existing intake processes and use i-Sight’s efficient workflow rules, alerts and reminders to ensure timely follow-up and resolution.

If you’re in the healthcare industry can use i-Sight’s powerful reporting engine to demonstrate your organization’s effective response and improved safety record by reporting on trends in complaint data.

Information Privacy

We understand the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry for information security and privacy. That’s why i-Sight is the solution of choice for companies that handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our secure platform keeps your data safe from outside threats and role-defined access ensures that only those who are authorized can see case information. Secure access can be set all the way down to the field level, meaning that you can restrict access to certain fields within as case, as well as to the case itself.

Reporting and Risk Analysis

Once you start using i-Sight, your organization’s case files become a valuable source of business intelligence, containing all the data you need to analyze trends and identify areas of risk. By generating powerful summary reports in i-Sight you can see where the problem areas are in your organization and take steps to rectify them through training and prevention.

Healthcare Compliance

i-Sight helps you comply with healthcare industry regulations for timely reporting and resolution of incidents and complaints by giving you the ability to run summary reports that show resolution times by incident, region or any other criteria. And i-Sight’s comprehensive investigation reports provide a full account of every action in every investigation, dated and time-stamped.

“It’s an excellent tool for me because I don’t have to call that investigator any more to get an update on a case. ”


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