Investigate, report and prevent incidents for better safety on and off campus

Higher education schools across the country use investigation software to effectively track, investigate and report on incidents.

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investigation software helps you comply with Title IX, the Clery Act and the Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Track and investigate

incidents on and off campus

Campus investigation software makes it easy to track and investigate incidents relating to:

  • academic affairs
  • admissions fraud
  • harassment and discrimination
  • health and safety concerns
  • HR complaints
  • security breaches
  • student misconduct
  • Title IX violations

Comply with the Clery Act

reporting requirements

Under the Clery Act, colleges and universities are required to:

  • Publish an Annual Security Report
  • Disclose crime statistics for campus incidents
  • Issue timely warnings about Clery Act crimes
  • Devise an emergency response and notification strategy

Campus investigation software can help avoid the $35,000 fine per violation by storing all important complaint and case-related data in one place, making it easy to provide statistics and develop reports.

Collaborate across campus

without compromising data

A campus-wide case management software with a secure, role-based access platform makes it easy to conduct sensitive investigations, including Title IX violations, requiring input from many.

Collaborate on cases no matter your role, department or campus without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive case information with assigned roles that limit the amount (and type) of data a user can view or edit.

Plus, a complete audit trail shows who did what and when, providing a detailed history of case activity that holds up in court.

AI case-linking helps

identify risks and trends

Stay on top of growing risks and prevent future incidents with the AI case-linking feature.

The case-linking tool uses artificial intelligence to flag links between similar, previous cases, effectively identifying the people or places requiring more attention.

Or, manually train the tool to look for recurring subjects, locations or incidents that are already of concern.

monitor trends and patterns for

better risk management

Use the drag-and-drop report builder to create flowcharts, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and heat maps to help you identify risks.

Combine maps with any report or dashboard for meaningful location intelligence to spot “trouble areas” across campus or multiple campuses.

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