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Human Resources Investigations

i-Sight’s HR case management solution helps companies to track, manage and report human resources issues, including:

  • harassment
  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination
  • workplace misconduct
  • code of conduct violations
  • grievances

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i-Sight streamlines the management of human resources investigations, ensuring every incident or complaint gets attention and nothing falls through the cracks. Our flexible web-based solution is used by more than 40,000 investigators and HR professionals around the globe to manage HR and employee investigations from start to finish.

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i-Sight complies with the strictest information privacy laws in the world

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Human Resources Investigations

Mobile Optimization Boosts Productivity

Investigations can be managed from anywhere, at any time. Need to interview somebody outside the workplace or after hours? No problem. Investigators can update cases on their mobile devices 24-7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

One-Click Investigation Reports

With all the investigation information stored in one place, you can create comprehensive investigation reports with a single click. i-Sight pulls all the information from the case file into a complete, professional investigation report.

Investigations Stay on Track

i-Sight’s has built-in reminders and escalation functions that help to ensure HR investigations stay on track and ensure grievances are resolved quickly. And the audit trails and documented review and approval cycles help to provide a strong defense in the case of an employment-related lawsuit or job action.

Collaboration Without Compromising Confidentiality

With i-Sight, individuals and teams can handle more cases and collaborate effectively on multiple employee investigations. Access to cases can be configured and restricted so that all parties to an investigation can work together without compromising confidentiality.

In some organizations, management, unions and labor relations departments each play a role in the grievance handling process. i-Sight makes it easy for members from each of these groups to collaborate on cases no matter where they are based.

Business Intelligence Through In-Depth Reporting

The powerful report generator provides customized summary reports to uncover trends and identify opportunities for training and improvement.

And i-Sight makes it easy to satisfy the special reporting requirements for grievances. You can create detailed reports that display:

  • Grievance type, location, employee, union rep and other key case elements
  • The number of cases settled, appealed, in arbitration or any other progression status
  • Amounts paid to settle grievances
  • Cases settled by the company vs. closed by the union
  • Case aging

With i-Sight’s HR case management and grievance handling software, report distribution can be automated to ensure everyone stays informed.

“It’s easy to tailor nice reports to everyone’s needs depending on the department, without having to trouble IT people.”


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