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Solutions for Insurance Fraud

i-Sight’s insurance fraud case management software streamlines fraud, waste and abuse investigations.

Our easy-to-use, tailored solutions have been implemented by SIUs and audit teams in large national and multinational organizations to manage huge caseloads consistently and efficiently.

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Secure Access to Information

i-Sight is flexible and customizable, and can be integrated with existing fraud detection software. By providing role-defined access to information, i-Sight’s insurance fraud case management system makes it easy for investigators and claims auditors to collaborate on cases and for managers to monitor a large volume of cases while maintaining privacy, security and compliance.

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Five of the 10 largest insurance companies in the US use i-Sight

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Solutions for Insurance Fraud

Quickly Create Letters

When fraudulent or wasteful claims are identified i-Sight makes it easy to create letters requesting information from claimants or providers. Letter templates merge case or claim information into a Microsoft Word document template for easy printing or emailing.

Less Paperwork, More Investigating

With i-Sight’s mobile-optimized case management system, investigators and claim auditors can access cases at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection using a computer, tablet or smart phone, so they can eliminate paperwork and do more investigating.

Easy Integration

Configure i-Sight to accept a data feed from your claim management system, automatically creating and assigning cases for investigation. Once your audits or investigations are complete, i-Sight can also feed existing systems with the data needed to initiate recovery actions.

Skills-Based Assignment

Many of our clients have large teams where individuals have specialized expertise in particular claim or service types. Use i-Sight to build intelligent case assignment rules based on the type of claim, the service type, the workload across the team or any other criteria.

Customized Dashboards

Insurance fraud investigators love i-Sight’s user-friendly interface, which makes creating and updating cases a breeze. Your own customized dashboard provides you instant access to case information and reports. Final investigation reports are created from within the software with the click of a mouse.

In-Depth Reporting

Our robust reporting tool allows for comprehensive aggregate reporting on cases to spot red flags, identify patterns and increase recoveries. Automatic distribution of reports ensures that the C-suite has timely information to make decisions.

Trusted, Secure Solution

The i-Sight fraud case management system adheres to the most stringent security requirements and is trusted by organizations worldwide to comply with their security needs. Web-based or client-install options are available to ensure i-Sight can meet any organization’s IT demands.

“The SIU demonstrated, through i-Sight, that the team saved the company more than $3 million by stopping further benefits from being paid.”

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