Effective investigations for safer schools

School districts across the country rely on K-12 investigation software to track complaints, investigate incidents and monitor risks.

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Track, monitor and prevent harassment and discrimination, staff and student misconduct, safety breaches, policy violations, academic fraud and more


school incidents

Use K-12 investigation software to track and investigate a wide array of incidents including:

  • student conduct
  • harassment and discrimination
  • safety and security
  • human resources issues
  • attendance and enrollment
  • policy violations
  • academic misconduct

Keep student and staff data secure with

role-based access

Collaborate across roles, departments and schools without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive case information. Create and assign unique roles that limit the amount (and type) of data a user can view or edit.

A complete audit trail shows who did what and when, providing a detailed history of case activity that holds up in court. And i-Sight’s rock-solid security ensures that personal data is never exposed to unauthorized parties.

Use the AI case-linking tool to

identify hotspots quickly

Stay on top of growing risks or hot spots with the AI case-linking feature. The tool shows you exactly where to invest more time and resources to stop a bad pattern in its tracks.

The case-linking tool automatically flags links between similar cases based on criteria you set. Or, train the tool to look for recurring subjects, locations or incidents.

Meet legal requirements with

compliant security and privacy controls

i-Sight’s cloud-based solution houses your case information in an off-site database to keep your files secure and protected from unauthorized deletion, copying, alteration, theft and corruption. The solution can be tailored to comply with federal, state and local laws that protect human and civil rights.

monitor trends and patterns for

better risk management

Use the drag-and-drop report builder to create flowcharts, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and heat maps that help you identify risks.

Combine maps with any report or dashboard for meaningful location intelligence to spot “trouble areas” across schools or districts.

case study

union county public schools

With more than 40,000 students and 5,000 staff members at 53 schools, Union County Public Schools needed a streamlined incident tracking and investigation system that would work across the district.

i-Sight successfully helped UCPS streamline their processes, eliminating bureaucracy and time-consuming paperwork, giving school staff their time back.

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