Investigate, report and prevent theft and fraud

Powerful solution for investigating incidents from burglary, shoplifting and employee theft to supply-chain and internal fraud.

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identify your vulnerable areasto focus your loss prevention program

Powerful reporting

spot trends and hot spots

Deliver meaningful insight into your company’s retail theft and internal fraud incident patterns, allowing you to identify trends, “hot spots” and anomalies, detect employee theft rings and map supply chain losses. i-Sight’s geographic mapping capabilities allow you to display incidents overlaid on Google Maps, displayed as heat maps or bubble maps, for an instant overview of where incidents are occurring.

Personalized dashboards

monitor investigations

Supervisors, managers and investigators can monitor multiple ongoing investigations through personalized dashboards, allowing them to manage workloads and keep an eye on results. Dashboards can be customized for each user, showing only the information that is relevant and keeping important data close at hand.

instant case summary

one-click investigation reports

With one click, investigators can create a consistent and complete loss prevention case investigation report drawing all the information from the case file. These detailed, professional case reports can be shared with managers, stakeholders and law enforcement.

Mobile Friendly

Capture Incidents from Anywhere

Loss prevention investigators, store detectives and outside security contractors can access cases at any time from anywhere using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Consistent Capture

Customizable Forms

i-Sight’s customizable forms allow investigators to quickly capture incidents and easily update existing investigations in a consistent format.

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