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Better Oversight for Managers

Managers love the increased efficiency and the improved oversight that i-Sight provides.

i-Sight’s structured workflow keeps investigations on track, resulting in faster case closure, consistent documentation and complete investigation reports. Secure, role-defined access allows managers to monitor cases in real time and oversee investigator workload from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Status and Trend Reports

i-Sight’s in-depth summary reports give managers a clear picture of outstanding and closed cases, timelines, case activity, etc, by region, investigator, case type, or any other combination, providing better oversight and an effective way to identify opportunities for improvement.

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The average investigation manager saves 2 hours and 37 minutes per week by using i-Sight case management software

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Better Oversight for Managers

Exception Reports

Exception reports alert managers to inactive cases, missed deadlines, overdue reports and activities, so that they can make informed decisions, take corrective action and report accurately to the executive team.

Easy Review and Approval

When the investigation is complete and ready for manager review, investigators simply click a button to send you an email alert requesting review. Managers have a queue of all the cases awaiting review. Quickly approve the recommended outcome or provide feedback to the investigator requesting further work.

Restrict Access to Cases

Secure, defined access roles ensure that only those with authority to access files may do so. Access levels can be set by role, region, allegation, country, case type, etc, and can be set to edit or read-only to ensure privacy and security. Highly sensitive cases, such as those that involve executives, can be tagged as “confidential” to restrict access to a very small subset of i-Sight users.

Reporting and Risk Analysis

Once you start using i-Sight, your organization’s case files become a valuable source of business intelligence, containing all the data you need to analyze trends and identify areas of risk. By generating powerful summary reports in i-Sight you can see where the problem areas are in your organization and take steps to rectify them through training and prevention.

“So now, instead of us having to dig around for the information in multiple spreadsheets, my superiors can go into i-Sight at any time and immediately get what they need.”


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