Conduct compliant, well documented, multi-location investigations


Investigation Software for Manufacturers

We understand the needs of the manufacturing sector for well documented investigations that comply with industry standards for reporting health and safety incidents, FCPA and UK Bribery Act violations and product recalls, while protecting the organization from risk.

i-Sight can help you track and manage investigations related to:

  • health and safety incidents
  • IP theft and counterfeiting
  • corruption and bribery
  • human resources issues
  • fraud and theft
  • quality assurance

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Secure Multi-Location Investigations

i-Sight’s web-based platform makes it easy to conduct investigations across manufacturing plants, regions and countries. Collaboration is easy, with role-based access that allows those working on an investigation to see some or all case information, customizable right down to the field level.

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i-Sight has customers on every continent and in 37 states

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Investigation Software for Manufacturers

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Our mobile-friendly interface encourages instant updating of case files from the location of the incident, allowing manufacturing industry investigators and safety managers to save travel time and supervisors to see real-time progress in a case.

Root Cause Analysis Made Easy

Our powerful reporting tool provides the information the manufacturing industry needs to assess investigation data across the organization by incident type, plant, location, investigator, country, etc, to spot trends, analyze risk and identify opportunities for safety improvements and training.

“The ability to capture data and build enforceable cases in i-Sight is helping us fulfill our mission.”

Underwriters Laboratories

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