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Configured for Pharmaceutical Companies

i-Sight’s investigative case management software for the pharmaceutical industry includes solutions for investigations related to:

  • IP infringement
  • patent protection
  • employee misconduct
  • security
  • CAPA issues
  • health and safety
  • fraud and theft
  • bribery and corruption

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Consistent Process

It’s important for pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain consistent investigation procedures across their organizations to protect themselves in the case of litigation and to ensure compliance.

Best practices for handling complaints and investigations in the pharmaceutical industry dictates that a structured procedure be followed involving adequate documentation and strong reporting. i-Sight helps pharmaceutical manufacturers conduct consistent investigations across all divisions, eliminating the silo effect that makes it difficult to do root cause analysis, analyze trends and put preventive action in place.

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Two of the five largest companies in the world use i-Sight to manage their investigations

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Software for Pharmaceutical Companies

Global Reach

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are an expanding threat to the industry, with an estimated market worth of $75 billion a year worldwide. It’s estimated that 80 per cent of counterfeit drugs come from overseas, mostly India and China. Investigating and eliminating these counterfeiting threats is a top priority for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, and i-Sight’s investigation software can help you better protect your brand.

i-Sight’s web-based platform is mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so investigations can be conducted from different locations and collaboration among investigators is easy no matter where they are. An investigator looking into a supply chain issue can input case information on the spot, which can be accessed instantly by others working on the case and by managers working from head office.

Secure Access to Cases

Corruption and bribery investigations often require input from different countries, with collaboration and oversight from head office. i-Sight makes it easy for investigators, managers and others working on a case to collaborate securely, with role-defined access to ensure only those with authorization have the ability to see and work in case files.

With i-Sight you can also provide third-party law firms or investigators with limited access to your case management platform, enabling real-time monitoring of case progress.

Information Privacy

We understand the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry for information security and privacy. That’s why i-Sight is the solution of choice for companies that handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our secure platform keeps your data safe from outside threats and role-defined access ensures that only those who are authorized can see case information. Secure access can be set all the way down to the field level, meaning that you can restrict access to certain fields within as case, as well as to the case itself.

Reporting and Risk Analysis

Once you start using i-Sight, your organization’s case files become a valuable source of business intelligence, containing all the data you need to analyze trends and identify areas of risk. By generating powerful summary reports in i-Sight you can see where the problem areas are in your organization and take steps to rectify them through training and prevention.

“Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently.”

Underwriters Laboratories

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