Conduct thorough, well-documented investigations to protect your business from lawsuits


Be Proactive

i-Sight investigative case management software will protect your business by helping you to implement systems that:

  • adhere to best practices
  • help you to avoid or defend lawsuits
  • help you to avoid regulatory scrutiny and fines
  • provide better management oversight
  • help you identify potential corrective actions to reduce incidents

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Avoid Lawsuits

By documenting investigations using i-Sight, companies can provide proof of a timely, comprehensive and fair investigation process and avoid employment and other lawsuits. i-Sight’s automatic investigator assignment and reminders and alerts ensure quick response times for complaints and that nothing falls through the cracks. The ability to update cases in real time shows when investigations are initiated and how the progression adheres to guidelines for timely follow-through, creating a reliable record for defending in litigation.

i-Sight Fact

The EEOC received 88,778 charges in fiscal year 2014

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Protect Your Business

Avoid Regulatory Scrutiny

By conducting thorough and well documented investigations that adhere to best practices, companies using i-Sight can demonstrate regulatory compliance and avoid scrutiny. And in the event that your company does come under scrutiny from regulators, you’ll have the tools you need to prove that your processes are compliant, which will reduce – and sometimes eliminate – fines, even when there has been a violation.

Better Management Oversight

With i-Sight’s role-defined access managers can monitor investigations and the investigators who report to them. Managers can track investigation progress and activity in real time, allowing for better oversight of the department and its performance.

Better oversight translates into better risk management and a way to identify opportunities for policy and training improvements.

Best Practice Guidance

i-Sight’s implementation experts have deep knowledge of industry requirements and best practices and will guide you towards a solution that fits your needs while avoiding common mistakes. We have many years of experience implementing systems just like yours and will provide valuable advice and opinions on what has and has not worked for other companies.

Our understanding of the business and regulatory requirements specific to your industry ensure that your case management software solution meets your company’s requirements while keeping you protected from regulatory and legal risks.

“i-Sight saves us time and significantly improves our ability to manage and respond to incidents.”

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