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Investigations for Technology Companies

Corruption in the technology sector has placed the industry in the spotlight for compliance and ethics violations, but companies in this sector need investigative solutions for much more than this.

With increasingly complex supply chains and tighter relationships with third parties, high tech organizations have to be vigilant. i-Sight helps you protect your brand, prevent losses, maintain safe workplaces, and stay on top of human resources issues.

Tech industry solutions from i-Sight include applications for managing investigations related to:

  • information security breaches
  • IP theft and counterfeiting
  • health and safety
  • bribery and corruption
  • employee misconduct
  • fraud and theft
  • quality assurance

i-Sight’s solutions for investigations in the technology sector provide the features most important for the industry including multi-location input, multilingual support, secure access across borders and deep reporting capabilities for effective oversight and risk management.

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Collaborate Globally

As a high tech company, you may have multiple locations spread across a region, country or the world. i-Sight makes it easy to manage investigations across locations, with collaborative tools to ensure everyone involved can contribute to the investigation and role-based access ensures information privacy and security.

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Investigations for Technology Companies

In-Depth Reporting

i-Sight’s reporting tool allows you to create powerful summary reports by dragging and dropping fields into one of 74 chart and graph formats. You can generate reports that show investigations by type, region, investigator, factory, status or any other field. And you can drill down into any field to get more detailed information. This deep reporting feature gives you the information you need to analyze trends and identify areas that need improvement in the organization.

Access Remotely

Investigators love i-Sight’s mobile-friendly interface because they can quickly add case notes, upload evidence files, and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with an internet connection. And managers love the ability to monitor the progress of ongoing investigations in real time from head office.

Any Language

Deploy i-Sight globally and gain high user adoption by enabling multiple languages. Each individual user of i-Sight can select their preferred language and navigate or add information in any language.

“i-Sight makes it really transparent to see complaints, to understand them and measure them.”


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