Investigate discrimination and harassment

Keep school districts and campuses safe and comply with laws governing Title IX investigations.

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address complaints quickly detailed documentation for compliant Title IX reporting

Title IX Compliance

timely investigations with detailed documentation

Using i-Sight to manage Title IX investigations ensures:

  • Your institution has a robust and compliant mechanism for receiving complaints
  • Discrimination complaints are addressed within the mandated timeframe
  • Complaints are documented and tracked
  • Investigations are timely, thorough and fair
  • There’s a complete investigation record that demonstrates compliance and fulfills legal requirements

prevent Title IX violations

powerful reporting

All educational institutions from K-12, colleges and universities must investigate and report incidents of discrimination on the basis of sex. But the ultimate goal is to prevent discrimination and that’s where strong processes and reporting come in.

i-Sight’s deep reporting provides meaningful insight into incident patterns and hot spots, allowing you to identify trends and focus prevention programs, creating a safer environment for students, faculty and staff.

security and privacy

maintain privacy

Title IX coordinators and investigators can collaborate with others without compromising the confidentiality of ongoing investigations. Configure access to cases so that can work together without seeing restricted information, ensuring privacy and security.

case study

union county public schools

Find out how Union County Public Schools streamlined their processes and improved oversight for policy violations and sexual harassment claims with i-Sight.

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