We don’t dilute our offering by spreading our focus across multiple products and processes


Single Focus

i-Sight has one focus: creating great investigative case management software. i-Sight’s staff of analysts, project managers, developers, programmers and trainers are experts in providing case management solutions for investigative teams, and our proven delivery record of successful projects speaks for itself.

Our singular focus over the years has allowed us to develop deep knowledge of the industries we serve. We bring best practices to the table, gained from implementing powerful investigative case management systems for these industries over and over.

Because we understand that our reputation within the investigative community is critical to our continued success, we go above and beyond for our clients offering customer support that’s second-to-none.

i-Sight’s focus on delivering a superior investigative case management software platform is evident in everything we do, from our partnership with industry experts to our ongoing skills training and education. Our software is better than any other solution in the market because we are true experts in our chosen field.

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Top Quality Product

The quality of our product is a reflection of our laser-sharp focus on one thing: delivering systems that help companies and teams conduct better investigations.

We partner with clients and industry experts to leverage their knowledge and experience to make our product better and to provide our customers with the expertise they need.

i-Sight Fact

Our customers include 8 of the 30 largest financial institutions globally.

One Focus

Everyone is an Expert

We bring best practices to every project and system we implement.

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Professional Services and Implementation

A streamlined process that’s smooth and painless.

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Proven Delivery Record

Our clients appreciate our on-time, on-budget delivery record.

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Better Support

Get the help you need from our support team 24-7.

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“The people at i-Sight have been dynamite to work with, highly professional, courteous and quick to respond.”


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We will ensure your team has the training and support you need to make your project a success.

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We cultivate a great work atmosphere and a dynamic environment that is flexible and collaborative.