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Professional Services and Implementation

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Our project managers have a wealth of experience working with organizations to optimize case management processes.

Our proven project definition and implementation methodology ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget.

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1. Project Mobilization and Mapping

We work with you to identify key success factors and performance indicators and to develop a meaningful, detailed definition of project success that is understood by all the stakeholders.

Phase 1 of an implementation includes development of:
  • a detailed project plan, including proposed milestones, due dates and assigned resources
  • current-state and future-vision process maps
  • field specifications
  • Business Requirements Document
The Kick-Off

In the initial meeting, a timeline for the project with milestones and due dates is agreed and arrangements are made for the project management team to meet with your project team to begin requirements gathering.

At this point, i-Sight’s expert team:

  • gathers requirements by outlining the current-state of the case management process
  • establishes a desired future-state vision
  • creates a comprehensive outline of the current process to ensure a smooth implementation and user-acceptance period
Discovery Workshops

Our business analysts facilitate configuration workshops with functional leaders during which they highlight technical aspects and future-state implications that should be considered while making important decisions about configuration.

The i-Sight team develops and documents a future-state vision, accounting for technical interdependencies, personnel coordination, and requirements for integration/migration.

Business Requirements

Our project team then develops a Business Requirement Document (BRD) outlining, in detail, your software requirements. This includes:

  • requirements for access controls
  • workflow rules
  • capture forms
  • integration
  • field specifications
  • reporting requirements
  • case records (such as the formatting of case numbers, dates, search criteria, etc.)

The i-Sight development team builds wireframes to provide you with interactive screen-mockups to check form layout and field specifications. Wireframes provide the opportunity for you to make informed final decisions before validating the design and pushing the project into development.

2. Configuration and Testing

Small incremental releases of workable software are made visible to you throughout the configuration process to help identify any issues early. This makes it easier for us to respond to changes in requirements, when necessary.

Phase 2 of an implementation includes development of:
  • development of a configured beta application
  • user acceptance of testing results
  • development of a revised beta application
  • application acceptance
Monitoring Progress

The Agile development principles encourage active ‘user’ involvement throughout the configuration process. It’s a collaborative approach to project management that allows you to see how the project is progressing, which in turn helps to ensure that expectations are managed and met.

We use webinars and teleconferencing to facilitate “checkpoint” meetings, ensuring that any necessary decisions regarding changes in requirements can be made at the earliest possible opportunity, while there’s still time to make changes without sacrificing timeline or budgetary constraints.

3. Training and Post Go-Live Support

After user acceptance testing is complete, training begins.

Phase 3 of an implementation includes development of:
  • User training guide
  • User training courses
  • Report building workshops
  • Production-ready reports

Professional Services and Implementation

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