We’ve implemented hundreds of systems and we know how to ensure a smooth process

Proven Delivery Record

Implement Faster

Because the i-Sight implementation teams have many years of experience implementing systems and understand how to avoid common hold-ups, our implementation phase is quick and painless.

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More Flexible

Our understanding of our clients’ needs ensures that we’re more flexible in the implementation phase, helping clients get the exact system they need on the schedule that works for them.

i-Sight Fact

Our implementation team took 178 flights to customer locations last year.

Proven Delivery Record

Agile Approach

i-Sight’s expert project management and development team uses the Agile methodology to govern the development and implementation of our software solutions. This translates into implementations that are collaborative, flexible and able to adapt to changing requirements.

Track Record

i-Sight’s proven track record of projects completed on time, on budget and on target speaks for itself. Our dedicated team has built systems just like yours and knows how to avoid pitfalls and create efficiencies in the process. Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with existing clients who can share their experiences with i-Sight.


i-Sight’s dedicated training team helps clients get the most out of their new investigative case management systems by providing live training sessions on-site and online. Our training library is a valuable resource for self-directed training. We want you to use our system to its full capacity and we’ll help you get there.

Everyone is an Expert

We bring best practices to every project and system we implement.

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Professional Services and Implementation

A streamlined process that’s smooth and painless.

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One Focus

Our focus is on doing one thing and doing it extremely well.

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Better Support

Get the help you need from our support team 24-7.

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“The people at i-Sight are great. The implementation process they follow is very clear and logical, they give you realistic deadlines and their staff do an excellent job.”

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We will ensure your team has the training and support you need to make your project a success.

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We cultivate a great work atmosphere and a dynamic environment that is flexible and collaborative.