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We’re Flexible

Sometimes companies must adapt to changes in the business environment.

i-Sight’s flexible investigative case management software solution will evolve with your business to ensure it always meets your needs.

i-Sight’s stellar support team is made up of full-time i-Sight employees who work in our office and are on call 24-7 to ensure your support needs are met quickly, at any time of the day or night.

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We’ll Train Your Team

i-Sight’s team of specialized trainers will get your staff up to speed and using your i-Sight case management software quickly and efficiently. We have many years of experience training users on our systems and we know how to get your team up and running so that they can get on with their jobs.

We want to ensure your team gets full value out of the i-Sight case management solution we build for you, so our training and support teams work hard to help your staff appreciate and use the system to its full capacity.

i-Sight Fact

More than 300 companies around the world use
i-Sight to manage their investigations.

We Care

We’re Understanding

At i-Sight, we understand that businesses aren’t all the same so we tailor your solution to your needs and adopt a flexible approach to our relationship. We’ll never implement a solution that doesn’t answer your needs because we listen to you and build a deep understanding of your unique requirements before proceeding with your project.

Every i-Sight client is different and, therefore, every solution is different. We tailor our solution to your processes and the results you need to achieve, rather than forcing your processes into a rigid framework.

We know that you have a full time job to do while you also implement i-Sight, which is why we’re flexible and understanding when it comes to our relationships with clients.

Customers Love Us

At i-Sight, our track record of happy clients speaks for itself. Our list of long-term clients includes many who have opted to implement multiple systems for different departments and have referred us to their business partners and friends.

Our core philosophy at i-Sight revolves around helping people conduct better investigations, and that focus on people extends to our day-to-day business. We forge personal connections with the people for whom we implement new software solutions. Every i-Sight client has a personal connection with their account executive, business analyst, project manager and support team working on their system.

Loyal Clients

Many i-Sight customers have been with us for 10 years or longer, renewing their contracts with us over and over. Our excellent relationships with our clients often results in i-Sight building second and third systems for the same companies as their needs require solutions for different departments and business processes.

“The people at i-Sight are great. The implementation process they follow is very clear and logical, they give you realistic deadlines and their staff do an excellent job.”

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We cultivate a great work atmosphere and a dynamic environment that is flexible and collaborative.